Andalusia is the south province of Spain, the place with lots of sun and warmth, where you can meet many happy smiling people, swim in refreshing waters of the Mediterranean sea and enjoy high quality healthy foods. If you want to live in the year round summer, among the most happy people – come to our Andalusia!

Everything here favors living a healthy life. Amazing nature, clean therapeutic air, warm sunrays and curative waters of the sea, fertile lands and plenty of healthy natural foods. Everyone who ever some here leaves a piece of his heart here, in these beautiful lands, at the Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz, the Sierra Nevada and the Costa de Almería. Nice people, comfortable hotels and modern beaches, up-to-date recreation facilities – this everything makes Andalusia paradise on earth.

Those who want to remember the great times they spent in Andalusia: the beauty of the nature, the taste of ice cold gazpacho soup and so on, are welcome to read this small blog.